Hi! I’m Jenna, the artist behind Vvednesday. I’m a Queer, part Black, part Japanese military brat who was born in South Carolina. I spent my childhood living in various parts of the world like the unforgettably inspiring country of Italy and the vibrant (and so humid) island of Okinawa, Japan. Eventually, my family ended up in Kaiserslautern, Germany (Go K-Town!) and that is where we spent the most time. I’m so grateful to my dad for serving because it allowed me to experience things many don’t have the privilege to.  
When my father retired and I graduated high school, we landed back in the states to start our lives in Virginia. During this time, I was faced with the question all young adults dread: What the hell am I going to do with my life?! As a child, for as long as I can remember, I was always drawing. I doodled on my homework and any other piece of paper that crossed my path. It all was starting to make sense...
Like most people, I dreamed of success and thought college was the pathway that would lead me there. I was convinced to enroll at a well-known art school where I majored in graphic design. I quickly realized that school wasn’t going to give me anything I couldn’t attain on my own and dropped out. It wasn’t a fun time, to say the least. I was unemployed and broke for a while afterward, but in 2018, after saving up enough money, I was able to leave a toxic relationship behind. This was my opportunity to establish myself not only as an artist but as an individual in society.
A major part of my journey has been my battle with multiple mental health conditions. When I was newly diagnosed, I used art as a way to process all of the emotions that came from it. Today, mental health and the daily struggle to maintain balance is still a core theme in many of my pieces and I’m actually really proud of that. 
Beginning my career as a full-time, independent artist was terrifying. I thought, “Am I really going to be able to make a living from this stuff?” Fortunately, an old friend encouraged me to sell at a major convention in my hometown and that was it — my heart was set on doing this forever. Working from home, for myself, traveling across the country from one convention to the next, I couldn’t believe that people would pay money for my art. It’s been the most affirming and rewarding experience to be embraced by the comic and anime communities all over the U.S. I still have to pinch myself sometimes and remind myself that all of this is real. I’m endlessly grateful to everyone who’s spent time and energy even just looking at my work. 
So, thank you for being here! I hope you enjoy my shop as much as I enjoy making it.
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